Sep 12

Pet Cremation: the process of saying goodbye to a good friend.

True animal lovers treat their pet as one of their family members, they give them ultimate attention and unconditional love, and their pets provide happiness that is unexplainable and great camaraderie in exchange. That’s the reason when they expire, pet owners believe that they lost a part of their family, same depression, grief that is same. Animal Lovers also desire to give them the finest after they expired and that includes proper interment. Some prefer to bury their special pets in a pet cemetery and some of them chose to cremate them.

Pet Cremation began around 1980’s. During that time, veterinarians only provide one alternative of disposal for pet that died due to a particular illness or due to old age and that is bringing their deceased pets into the closest garbage facility in their community in order to be land. This is indeed the natural manner of doing the interment, yet, since an increasing number of individuals possesses a pet, this manner of disposal might be a health hazard especially when there are lots of pets to entomb that occasionally the local refuse facility can no longer admit. Pets that are not buried properly might result to the spread of disease, particularly to those people who live or work around the facility. That is the reason why the local government came up with another resolution and that is also called communal cremation or mass incineration. More and would be cremated, rather than burying your pet. As the years goes by, some veterinary services came up with ashes back service, which pet owners would get the ashes of their precious pet once it was cremated. Majority of pet owners loved the notion of somewhat maintaining their pet’s memory that is why more and more businesses that offers cremation and pet burial appeared to fulfill the pet owner’s requirement and this still goes on at the present time.

Pet cremation cost generally is based on the species, services included, size of even the place of cremation, pet, time, and a lot more factors. To give you an idea, here some samples:

  • Extra small pets that weighs less than 1kg like hamster, fish, and many more: $30 – $70
  • Little pets like that weighs 1 – 5kg including tiny dogs, bunny, toy dogs, small cats, and a lot more: $60 – $90
  • Moderate sized pets that weigh -15kg. Usually dogs like beagle, cocker spaniel, shih tzu, maltese, and many moe.
  • Substantial sized pets -40kg like golden retriever, Labrador, german shepherd, grey hound, and many more.
  • Extra large pets that weighs 40kg and up like St. Bernhard, rottweiler, great dane, bullmastiff, and many more.

Pet owners picked to cremate their pets in order about them to take the ashes back and put it in an area where they can always see it or in their house. It makes them feel that their pets are still around even after they died and the best part about it is they can take it wherever they go in a pet cremation urn, if they bury their pet in a pet cemetery which is hopeless.