Sep 12

Requirements for Nurse Uniforms: A bit more work than most think

Uniforms for nurses vary per hospital’s policy

Uniforms for nurses vary per hospital’s policy and guidelines and are also based on each country’s specifications and rules. What may be acceptable for some may not be acceptable for others. Uniforms give a nurse a sense of identification, letting the people know that when they are wearing it they are informing you that they are a nurse. And each uniform should be representation of a specific institution; therefore, it must be wear with pride and respect.

Requirements for uniforms nursing students also differ since it will be dependent on their school’s uniform policy. Their uniform is basically different from those who are already registered nurses and will be based on their year level of schooling and the departments or areas that they will be exposed.  If there would be emergency situations, it would be right to inform their clinical instructor why they cannot wear the prescribed uniform.

Same thing applies with those who are already working in the hospital. Some hospitals have specifications on what to wear per department or per day. The requirements of nurse’s uniforms have been carefully planned and thought of. Some hospitals changed their uniform designs yearly or every other year because they have this uniform allowance. Some institution would like to practice autonomy by asking their nurses to submit designs for their uniforms and will be asked to present it to the whole nursing population in the hospital through a meeting. The presentation should have the drawing of the suggested uniform and a rationale why this uniform should be chosen. Based from that, nurses are asked to vote or to choose from the presentations and the general consensus is considered.

Other hospitals find this time-consuming and may create conflict that is why, the head of the nursing department with the hospital administrators are the one who will set what uniform should be worn or uniforms are already provided. There are also hospitals which have sets or designs or color of nurse scrubs that should be worn in specific days.  Most hospitals though have separate colors of uniforms required to wear per department.

The general requirement for the nursing uniforms is that; wearing of uniforms should be in compliant to the hospital’s policy and should be complete again these varies among different health care institutions. Basically, it should not be transparent or semi-transparent. Secondly, the uniforms should be clean, pressed and neat or tidy to look at, as this reflects the person wearing it and the profession. Modesty should always be in mind that is why; the undergarment should not be obvious that people will know what you are wearing underneath those uniforms. Uniforms should make you appear professional and appropriate, and that it should permit you to move freely without getting conscious if you are going to lean forward or reach up. Definitely no jeans or shorts or skimpy skirts design. Nursing uniforms are now becoming fashionable, should you wish to modify your uniform, you should first consult it to your chief nurse as this have to undergo series of discussion.

Sep 12

Fancy Comfortable Footwear for Nurses – Myth?

Nursing shoes are your partners in your nursing uniforms.

And if there is a nurse that will really need is a great pair of shoes. The job of nurses are not easy, they stride, walk, jog, run from patients to patients, from nurses’ station to patients, from other departments to patients to station just to give the best quality of service there is to give. And each nurse should find great pair of comfortable nursing shoes so they can perform better.

But what do nurses have to look or to consider when they are going to buy good pair of shoes?

Most hospitals requires white shoes, it does not matter whether it is walking shoes or running shoes or clogs, just the color white. Other hospitals do not mind at all, just as long as you are wearing one then that is okay. But some hospitals have specified type, color and brand and most of these hospitals actually provide their nurses with shoes.

That is great, right?

You do not have to look for shoes since it is already given. So how about those who can choose what shoes they are going to wear? Nurses look for shoes which they will feel comfortable. Nurses working for 8 to 12 hours per shift and those long hours your feet deserved to be comfortable while doing all the work. Aside from that, durability should also be considered. You should know what brands of shoes should survive long in your profession. You should not choose shoes that will only last for a week and then you have to replace it again in the next few weeks. That is costly especially if it is not provided in your hospital and you have to get it from your own pocket. So when you think of durability, you have to know the material of the shoes. Leather made shoes by far are the most durable type of shoes.

You are in an active workplace so your shoes should also be cushioned and slip-resistant to protect your feet from pain, strain and possible muscle injuries.  For shoes that you have to slip on, you have to make sure, your feet will not slide or you will leave it on the hallway when you are going to run for emergency. Aside from you look ridiculous in that situation; you are also putting your health at risk if you will be punctured by unwanted needles on the floor. Therefore, your shoes should protect you from the bio-hazardous setting that you are in. Shoes should protect you from spills, making sure the fluid should not get in touch with your skin; or accidental falling of sharp objects or any sharp materials on the floor, making sure they will not pierce into the material of the shoes and cut your skin.

Same with uniforms, shoe designs for nurses also vary over time. And most of them now appear to be very fashionable that you can match with your uniforms. Whatever the design or type you are going to choose, make sure you will not take for granted the basic elements that you have to consider.

Aug 08

Abolish the IRS

If I were running for a political office, such as congress, I would make it my number one priority to abolish the IRS.

An out-dated system

Since inception, the IRS has become one of the most inefficient departments of our government.  Each politician throughout the years has carved out a piece of code for themselves and those that vote for them.  The Internal Revenue Service does a horrible job of taxiing equally.

Equality is hard to measure

I have often found it interesting to hear people complain about salaries and how it isn’t fair that CEO’s make so much while teachers make so little.  When you look at the risk involved it would lead me to believe that a soldier should be the most paid with a police officer not far behind and of course tree trimmers would be in the top ten salaries.  This is an example of school reviews that back up this claim.   If you look at how much time is involved then you may put a doctor at the top of the list and then a pilot but you may also find other jobs where the employee works more than 70 hours a week but is below the median pay such a nurses salaries.  Then look at the amount of training and education required to perform a job and you would have doctors and pilots at the top of the list since it takes many years to achieve productivity.  As you can see it is hard to evaluate equality in pay and the same applies to taxation.  To determine the tax requirement you need to look at the flat tax as the only viable alternative.  Over the next few months let’s learn more about how this option is the only choice for real fairness across the board.

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