Jun 25

Drones are here to stay

This week the FAA released new drone regulations that will change  the sky line for a long time. This big change will make it so that anyone over sixteen can take a computer test and get a license to fly drones and get paid. A drone operator in Wilmington NC has previously met the requirements of the FAA to operate drones. New drone pilots will take a test, wait for a TSA background check, meet the local law requirements, and start operating drones for hire.

DJI is one of the most used drone manufactures that make drones for private and commercial use. These uav’s use advanced computer software, GPS, and frequencies to provide the operator with a way to operate the drone safely.

Commercial drone operators still need to abide by a big requirement to no fly over people. Flying over people is not safe and should not be done without the consent of those involve. A closed set filming operation mitigates some of that risk the general public.

Flying near airports requires prior approval. Flying near airplanes is hazardous and should be avoided. To request approval to fly near an airport, the operator will seek approval from a central FAA computer before operating.