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Jun 26

Congress and the new drone laws

Unmanned aircraft No pilot is on board and yet it can perform multiple functions that’s why military and cops typically use this apparatus in a specific activity or their operation to correctly fix a certain area and for them to provide improved service.  Drone companies for hire are especially important in this time. The occupation …

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Jun 25

Drones are here to stay

This week the FAA released new drone regulations that will change  the sky line for a long time. This big change will make it so that anyone over sixteen can take a computer test and get a license to fly drones and get paid. A drone operator in Wilmington NC has previously met the requirements of the FAA to operate …

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Sep 13

Kids Surfing for Sport: Benefits of water activities for kids

My kids always love to splash around and frolic in the water, for most of the time, all sprots in water would be a fun and not like work or required. Goofing off is one of the most important things in child mental growth, and there are lots of great activities that involve liquid fun …

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Sep 12

Fancy Comfortable Footwear for Nurses – Myth?

Nursing shoes are your partners in your nursing uniforms. And if there is a nurse that will really need is a great pair of shoes. The job of nurses are not easy, they stride, walk, jog, run from patients to patients, from nurses’ station to patients, from other departments to patients to station just to …

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