I am thrilled that you took the time to find out more about me. I hope that by knowing me better you will be able to make a great choice about who you would like as your leadership. As a former boy scout, I can assure that I will do all within my power to honor the oath of the office that you are thinking of electing me too. To serve the county of Forester in PR would be a great honor

Family First

Those nearest to me know that I feel family is above all else and without my family I would be lost.  There is nothing greater than the core families that have been instilled in me and I try to pass that along to those in my family.  I have an amazing wife that I met in my early twenties and 2 children ages 2 and 4.  If I succeed in anything but fail to be a good husband and father then I have failed in life.  I may be able to change a few lives directly but if I raise my children correctly I will change many more through them.  My wife has been with me through thick and thin.  She has tolerated my passion for politics and is a great partner to share life experiences.


Passion for Politics

I have a strong passion for improving the government of which we live under.  We can turn around the system which I feel is going the wrong direction.  I would consider myself a strong conservative with the ability to clearly explain my desire for government to function for the people rather than controlling the people governed.  People should not live on the government dole for life and feel that an annual reduction in benefits is best.