Sep 12

Hygienic Practices of Nurses: Some bonuses based on cleaning!

Nurses are advocates of health and health practices. They should be modeling and showing how it is to look clean and tidy. Hygiene is always a part of nurse’s uniform. Complete set of uniform means, aside from your uniform is clean and neat, you as a person wearing it should appear the same. Your hair should not be found all over your face, or all over the place, that is why, hair nets and hair caps are available. If you find this distracting, then please find time to tie your hair. You are not going to show off how beautiful your hair is; you are there to provide quality service. Besides, hospitals are home of a lot of microorganisms, that your hair can harbor if you are going to let it dangle. Also, it is advised to put a light make-up and if you are not comfortable with it, just manage it in the way you will look neat and kept.

Nurses should always be clean, since you are handling patients. As much as possible cross contamination or contamination should not happen. That is why, everyone not only those who are in the health care profession are advised to learn how to do proper hand washing.

What better ways to prevent infection is to do hand washing. A very simple thing to do, but most people take this action for granted. Hand washing just requires your dedication to wash your hands, antibacterial soap and running water.  Hand washing should be done, before and after preparing food, eating the food , treating a cut or wound, caring for those who are sick, using the toilet, changing diapers or cleaning child who defected, touching an animal, touching your skin or touching garbage and anytime you feel like you have to wash. Notice that almost all activities require you to wash your hands.  Some hospitals have even based bonuses on how often emplyoees washed their hands.  Imagine if an RN nurse pay rate or CNA pay scale was based on washing hands!

But how are you going to do with properly? First, you have to wet your hands with running water; it does not matter whether it is warm or cold, just as long as it is clean. After making sure it is already wet, turn it off and apply soap lavishly. Then, you have to lather, rub your hands together with the soap and be sure that you covered all the areas in your hands, that includes; the back of your hands, in between your digits and under your nails. Scrub your hands and continue to do it and for how long? It is as long as you are done singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice. After, you are going to rinse your hands, thoroughly. If it is a faucet, use your elbow in closing and opening it. Dry your hands then with a clean towel or you can air dry them.

Sterilization of patient’s items is needed and done if patients have illness that they are immune compromised or they can compromised the health of others or they have communicable diseases. As we all know, not all microorganisms are removed during simple washing that some of them need stronger means to destroy them. That is why, sterilization and disinfection is used and the method is based on the guidelines of CDC or Center for Disease Control.