Aug 08

Abolish the IRS

If I were running for a political office, such as congress, I would make it my number one priority to abolish the IRS.

An out-dated system

Since inception, the IRS has become one of the most inefficient departments of our government.  Each politician throughout the years has carved out a piece of code for themselves and those that vote for them.  The Internal Revenue Service does a horrible job of taxiing equally.

Equality is hard to measure

I have often found it interesting to hear people complain about salaries and how it isn’t fair that CEO’s make so much while teachers make so little.  When you look at the risk involved it would lead me to believe that a soldier should be the most paid with a police officer not far behind and of course tree trimmers would be in the top ten salaries.  This is an example of school reviews that back up this claim.   If you look at how much time is involved then you may put a doctor at the top of the list and then a pilot but you may also find other jobs where the employee works more than 70 hours a week but is below the median pay such a nurses salaries.  Then look at the amount of training and education required to perform a job and you would have doctors and pilots at the top of the list since it takes many years to achieve productivity.  As you can see it is hard to evaluate equality in pay and the same applies to taxation.  To determine the tax requirement you need to look at the flat tax as the only viable alternative.  Over the next few months let’s learn more about how this option is the only choice for real fairness across the board.